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Fraxel Vs. IPL

By Cara Mia Medical Day Spa

Nobody wants to admit that they are aging. In fact, very few people will give up their actual age even in front of close friends and family. However, nothing will quite give away your age quite like the wrinkles around your eyes and on your forehead. If you have started to notice that aging is ... read more

Diamonds Are Your Skin’s Best Friend

By Cara Mia Medical Day Spa

The fact of the matter is that no matter how much you age or how much your finances fluctuate, diamonds continue to be a girl's best friend. And although wearing diamonds on your fingers, ears, wrist, or around your neck will make you feel closer to a princess that you ever imagined, diamonds can actually ... read more

Does Your Kid Have Warts? How to Treat Them

By Cara Mia Medical Day Spa

Warts are a skin condition that is typically caused by a strain of the human papilloma virus or by some sort of skin infection. If you have noticed that your child is developing warts on either their hands, fingers, or feet, then you will want to treat the warts as soon as possible because they ... read more

3 Things to Know About Micro-Needling

By Cara Mia Medical Day Spa

When patients first hear the term “micro needling” it typically makes their skin crawl because images of tiny needles being injected into their skin comes to mind. However, as a safe and virtually non-invasive procedure, micro-needling is used to help encourage the body’s natural production of collagen and reduce the appearance of scars as well. ... read more

Fighting Against Skin Cancer: The Benefits of Mole Mapping

By Cara Mia Medical Day Spa

When it comes to the art of mapping virtually anything, the most beneficial aspect of this strategic tool is to help you plan out the future. Whether you are mapping out your financial future, a trip to a national park or forest, or if you are having your moles mapped out, the benefits of mapping ... read more

Not Botox: 3 Alternatives to Fighting Fine Lines and Wrinkles

By Cara Mia Medical Day Spa

Everyone and their mom has gotten a treatment of Botox— or at least so it seems. And as the most popular injectable on the market, Botox offers individuals great results that keep patients going back time after time. However, if you are interested in getting a skin treatment that fights those pesky fine lines and ... read more

What to Know About Baby Acne

By Cara Mia Medical Day Spa

If you are pregnant or if you have recently become a parent, congratulations. Parenthood is an amazing and exciting time but it can also come with a large amount of surprises that you may not have ever even anticipated in the first place. Specifically things like baby acne. If you have started to notice little ... read more

Avoid a Summer Skin Emergency! Learn How to Handle Body Acne

By Cara Mia Medical Day Spa

"Bacne" may be a funny thing to say, but it's not so funny for the person affected by back acne. Pimples on areas such as the back, chest, or even the behind, can be so embarrassing that a teen or adult grimaces at the thought of donning a tank top, sundress, or bathing suit. No ... read more

Not Just for Relaxation: 4 Benefits of Facials

By editor

Facials are a great way to offer yourself a bit of rest and relaxation. However, facials are also great at giving your skin some much needed rejuvenation to help replenish the skin cells and increase your body’s natural production of collagen. Cleansing Pollution, oil, and dirt can build up on your skin and can increase ... read more

How to Prepare to Get Waxed

By editor

Whether you have an appointment with Cara Mia Medical Day Spa to get your legs, underarms, bikini, arms, chest, or back waxed, it’s important to know how to properly prepare for your waxing treatment so that you can get the best results possible. Although getting professionally waxed shouldn’t require a bunch of preparation on your ... read more

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