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Avoid a Summer Skin Emergency! Learn How to Handle Body Acne

Avoid a Summer Skin Emergency! Learn How to Handle Body Acne | Aurora CO“Bacne” may be a funny thing to say, but it’s not so funny for the person affected by back acne. Pimples on areas such as the back, chest, or even the behind, can be so embarrassing that a teen or adult grimaces at the thought of donning a tank top, sundress, or bathing suit. No one should be expected to miss out on all of the joys of summer! To make the most of the warm weather months, learn ways to manage acne prone skin.

Back acne and Your Face

To discover the best ways to prevent or treat body acne, considering the factors that instigate breakouts on your face. Often, pimples and blackheads on facial skin are related to clog pores. Likewise, body acne tends to develop on areas in which there are a great number of oil glands. When you realize this, you gain power over the frightening concept of body acne.

Wash up. During the summer months, or anytime if you are prone to body acne, it is beneficial to use a body wash formulated for problematic skin. Look for ingredients like benzoyl peroxide for our salicylic acid, as they are helpful in preventing bacterial activity that causes breakouts. While most people are encouraged to shower after a workout, some dermatologists also recommend pre-workout showering to minimize inflammation and body acne.
Exfoliate. Most people don’t think twice about exfoliating dead skin cells from their face. This is equally important for areas of the body on which acne may form. Exfoliating is an easy task. Just use a body brush, washcloth, or even texturized cleansing towelettes that you can take with you to the gym.

Peel it. Like exfoliating, chemical peels are treatments that we typically consider for facial skin. This professional treatment can do wonders for the chest or back that has broken out with pimples, blackheads, and other unsightly problems.

Consider your hair style. Much of the time, women will pull their hair up in the summer time just to keep cool. This habit and also be beneficial to help minimize the risk of breakouts on next skin. If you are going to the gym are preparing for a day outdoors, pull it up. Your skin will thank you.

Get help. Sometimes, there is little you can do about an existing break out other than to get professional help. The sooner you address breakouts, the better, and we can help you.

Contact Cara Mia Medical Day Spa & Dermatology Associates of Colorado to explore our skin-saving treatments.

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