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Traveling for Thanksgiving? How to Minimize the Breakouts

Acne Treatment Denver, COIf you are traveling either really far to see family this Thanksgiving  or if you’re just going a few hours away, then you know just how difficult travel can be on your body; especially your skin. If you are flying, in particular, the air can dry your skin out and cause acne breakouts like you wouldn’t believe. To make sure that you keep your skin as healthy, and blemish-free as possible this year, this article will list a few things that you should add to your Thanksgiving skin care list.

Face Masks

If you are going up in the air while traveling this Thanksgiving, consider investing in a hydrating sheet face mask that you can put on your skin while you are flying. As previously mentioned, flying is notorious for drying your skin out. Dry skin can cause your skin to go into oil production overdrive to try to hydrate your skin which in turn, can lead to breakouts. By applying one of these sheet masks during take-off, you can hopefully eliminate your chances of getting a nasty acne breakout.

Wash Your Face

The other thing that you should make sure that you’re doing a lot of while traveling is washing your face. Being stuck in the car with a lot of people, out in public exploring, or even helping your family cook in the kitchen can expose your skin to a variety of different harmful germs and bacteria. By washing your skin a few times a day, you can cut down on this acne-causing bacteria.

Wash Your Hands

In addition to washing your face on a regular basis while traveling, also make sure that you’re washing your hands a lot; especially if you’re touching a lot of food. The oil and grease from food, in particular, can easily cause acne breakouts if you touch the food and then your face right after.

Don’t let an acne breakout make your Thanksgiving turn into a disaster. Use the tips listed in this article to help fight off breakouts this holiday. To learn more about skin care, contact our Castlerock office at (303) 350-4500.

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