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What to Know About Baby Acne

What to Know About Baby Acne | Castle Rock and Meridian COIf you are pregnant or if you have recently become a parent, congratulations. Parenthood is an amazing and exciting time but it can also come with a large amount of surprises that you may not have ever even anticipated in the first place. Specifically things like baby acne. If you have started to notice little dots around your infant’s face and aren’t sure if it’s baby acne or not, read on to learn more.

What does it look like?

Baby acne looks just like little tiny pimples across your baby’s face— typically more on the nose and cheeks. They might be a little red and will mostly be composed of tiny whiteheads.

How to take care of baby acne?

Baby acne will more than likely clear up on it’s on, so you don’t need to worry about doing too much for it. However, make sure that you don’t try to pop the tiny pimples or pick at them, as this could cause both irritation and scarring.

How is it caused?

The primary root of baby acne comes from milk and spit-up. If your baby has a lot of milk on their face after feedings or if they spit up a lot during their sleep, then the milk will sit on their face for a long time and will eventually cause things like clogged pores.

When will it go away?

This entirely depends upon your baby and their skin. For some babies they will get baby acne just a few weeks after they are born and it will subside a month or so later. Whereas with other babies, they may not get acne until they are six months old— it really varies from baby to baby.

Is it painful?

If you’re worried that your little one is in pain because of their acne, they aren’t. Although baby acne may look a bit irritating or painful, if left alone, it shouldn’t bother your infant at all.

If your baby has developed baby acne and you are concerned about it, don’t hesitate to contact one of the experts at Cara Mia Medical Day Spa today!



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