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How to Get Beach Ready Before Spring Break

Laser Hair Removal Castle Rock, COWhether you’re a mom, a student, or just a woman who wants to get away for spring break, then we have got you covered. Before you slip into a bikini or swimsuit, we have created a list of a few ways that you can get ready so that you feel more confident about your body.

Laser Hair Removal

If you’re sick of having to shave before you get into a swimsuit or show any amount of skin, then laser hair removal may be the answer to all of your hairy problems. By scheduling at least your first session with us before you get out of town, you can cut down on how much you will have to shave while you’re away. Then, after we complete all sessions, you may only have to shave every once in awhile if at all.


If you don’t have time to start laser hair removal or if it’s not in your budget right now, then waxing can do the trick. Before you head out of town, schedule a waxing appointment with us to get your bikini, brazilian, legs, and/or underarms waxed. Whatever area that you want to see hair free, we can do it.


If hair isn’t your concern, but cellulite is, you are certainly not alone. Cellulite is a condition that affects women of all weights and sizes and can’t necessarily be fixed with diet and exercise. With Velashape, we can break up the superficial fat layer in the skin that leads to cellulite while also causing the fat cells to shrink in size. Even though we typically encourage patients to get around three sessions on average, man piatents see results just after the first session which means that as long as you get one session in before you go to the beach, you should feel more confident.

Are you interested in learning a little bit more about how you can get your skin and body ready for the beach? If so, contact our Castle Rock office today and call us at (303) 350-4500.


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