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The Death of Your Fat: CoolSculpting

The Death of Your Fat: CoolSculpting in Meridian CO and Castle Rock CONothing is quite as disappointing as working out every day and eating a diet full of things you hate— kale, chicken, and blueberries— only to still have fat pockets across your body that you just can’t get rid of. As a common problem amongst women primarily, stubborn fat can leave you feeling defeated. Luckily, with a non-invasive procedure like CoolSculpting, you can kill off your fat and plan for its funeral in just a few months. From how CoolSculpting is done to who is considered to be the best candidate, this article will discuss a few of the things you need to know about this procedure. Read on to learn more.

How Is It Done?

Unlike liposuction which is an invasive surgical procedure that is used to get rid of stubborn fat, CoolSculpting can be done in our Cara Mia Medical Day Spa office in under an hour and doesn’t require any downtime. By using unique technology, CoolSculpting freezes individual fat cells. Once frozen and after a few months, your fat cells will be naturally excreted from your body— leaving you with a  slimmer appearance.

Do Results Last?

One of the biggest concerns that people have with CoolSculpting is that it sounds too good to be true and that results won’t last. However, CoolSculpting will deliver you with real results that you will be shocked by. In fact, studies have shown that 20-25% of targeted fat cells die in a natural way and dissolve in just a couple of weeks. So, if you are worried that you won’t get any results, that’s one thing you will for sure receive. And, as long as you stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine, you won’t have to worry about gaining any weight back in the process.

Our patients love CoolSculpting because it gives them real results without having to go under the knife. Although it takes a few months for patients to see a slimmer self, it is well worth it. If you are considering CoolSculpting and would like to learn more, contact Cara Mia Medical Day Spa today and schedule an appointment.



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