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How to Treat Childhood Eczema

General Dermatology Denver, COWhen you have a baby, toddler, or just a child, in general, you can plan on hanging up your “easy going hat” and picking up your “worry wart” on instead. Even though your personality may naturally be to stay cool and relaxed, when it comes to caring for your child and their well-being, it can easily make your anxiety go up. If you have noticed that your child has developed some bumps or redness across their skin— specifically on their arms, cheeks, and legs— then they may have a skin condition called eczema. Luckily, here at Cara Mia Medical Day Spa, we specialize in a variety of different pediatric dermatological conditions including dermatology which means that you can stop worrying so much. But, how exactly can you tell if your child has eczema?

Schedule An Appointment

One of the first things that we encourage parents to do is schedule a dermatology appointment with our office. Without a proper diagnosis, you may not know how exactly to treat your child’s condition. During their appointment, we will briefly examine their skin and see if we can diagnose them. If they do in fact have eczema, then we will recommend treatment.


When we are dealing with small children who have eczema, we can usually treat it with some topical over-the-counter creams like Eucerin and by switching laundry detergent from regular to free and clear. Free and clear laundry detergents are free from scents and dyes which can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema. Typically, by making these small changes, patients notice an improvement in their child’s eczema. If you don’t see a noticeable improvement, then come back into our office, and we will look into other treatments.

If there’s one thing to know about childhood eczema, it’s that it can be easily treated. To learn more about pediatric eczema or to schedule an appointment for your child, contact our Aurora office today and call us at (303) 350-4500.

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