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How to Treat Your Infant’s Eczema

pediatric dermatology  Aurora, COEczema is a skin condition that affects 20% of children and ranges from mild to extreme in severity. If your infant is experiencing red, dry patches on their skin that last longer than a couple of days, they may have eczema. And although there is no cure yet for this condition, here at Cara Mia Medical Day Spa, we see patients for a variety of pediatric dermatology concerns including infant eczema.

What Causes Infant Eczema?

Babies skin is particularly sensitive to new lotions, detergents, creams, or anything else their skin comes into contact with. Although the causes of eczema are still unknown, we do know that eczema in babies causes dry patches of skin and then worsens during flare-ups which can cause inflammation.

How Is It Treated?

During your infant’s pediatric dermatology appointment at our Cara Mia Medical Day Spa office, we will perform a brief evaluation of their skin and take note of their medical history. If they are diagnosed with eczema and depending on the severity, we may suggest that you use an over-the-counter body lotion like Eucerin, prescribe you with an ointment, or even suggest a small dose of steroidal cream to apply to the skin.

Additionally, some infants experience eczema and other skin disorders due to allergies to foods or even cow’s milk. Some studies have shown that exclusively breastfeeding your baby while avoiding cow’s milk yourself can help cut down on these type s of flare-ups. Before you take your child off of cow’s milk, make sure to consult your pediatrician.

Will It Get Better?

The good thing about infant eczema is that it is reported that ⅔ of infants with this skin condition grow out of it by the time they are three even though they may experience dry skin frequently later on. If your child doesn’t grow out of it, though, it’s easily managed and isn’t much to worry about.

Are you ready to learn more about infant eczema? Schedule an appointment at one of our four Cara Mia Medical Day Spa locations today!

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