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Integrative medicine (IM) is a healing-oriented practice of medicine that takes into account the whole person. All factors that influence a patient’s health, wellness and disease are taken into consideration, including body, mind, spirit, lifestyle, and community. While it supports the appropriate treatment of disease, IM emphasizes the broader concepts of health promotion and preventive care. An IM practitioner uses all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative, to facilitate the body’s innate healing response.

Dermatology Associates of Colorado is proud to have the only fellowship-trained Integrative Medicine Dermatologist in Denver, Colorado on staff. Dr. Leslie Capin received her degree from the University of Arizona and trained under Dr. Andrew Weil. Being able to offer alternative therapies by a fellowship trained provider is a benefit to all of our patients.

An integrative dermatologist treats the “whole person”, not just the disease or condition. Integrative Dermatology (ID) looks to reverse casual factors rather than just alleviating symptoms. Using traditional conventional therapies as well as alternative therapies they achieve the most favorable outcomes and results for their patients.

Nutritional status strongly influences skin health and dietary changes and dietary supplements many times are important in managing skin conditions. The skin is one of the most common sites of expressing stress-related ailments and an integrative dermatologist will use or refer patients for mind/body interventions if appropriate. There are integrative medicine management options for many different dermatologic conditions including acne, hair loss, dermatitis, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Dermatology Associates of Colorado proudly provides patients from Denver, Meridian, Castle Rock, Aurora and Parker, CO with Integrative Medicine and Integrative Dermatology. Contact us at (303) 350-4500 or fill out a Contact Form here.

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